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Thursday, August 23, 2007


To those of you who do read my blog faithfully and are sorely disappointed with my utter silence of the past month, i have a short list of excuses for you. And quickly because I'm supposed to be on my way to work darn it.

Which is my first excuse. Work, lots of filling in for vacationers...no time for blogging.
Then there's our da....rn.... camera. We all know blogs with pictures are way better but it turns out that our camera is too new for our computer and I'm too pc illiterate to figure things out. As it stands now, each time i want to download new pictures i have to uninstall and then reinstall our entire camera software. Not a five minute process. So it discourages me from blogging.
Thirdly, company. I'm very important you know. I have way too many friends to blog.
And fourthly....i forgot the fourth one but its good. I think.

And now i'm late for work. Please don't write me off, i'm not dead and some day, i will post something. My friend Ruth has requested a post dedicated/devoted to her so maybe i'll work that one in soon. Oh the fun I will have!