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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rude Rude Rude

It used to be that rude people made me want to cry.

Actually lets be honest, rude people make me want to cry. Sometimes in fact, I get watery eyes for real.

However, now that I'm not 7 (or 26) anymore, sometimes they tip me past the "I really feel like crying right now" stage and straight into "I am going to scratch your eyes and then kick you in the shins" stage. I just don't understand why people choose to be such horrible humans sometimes.

Let me quickly interject that I actually don't meet many rude people in my life. I'd say most people are very nice but the few that aren't really deserve a good eye scratching.

A particularly upsetting one to me is the rude driver. Occasionally a person gets stuck behind you who would rather be in front of you and their solution is to driverightontopofyouuntilitdrivesyoucrazy! Why? Why do people do this? It's DANGEROUS! I'll admit I'm a lead foot, I truly enjoy speeding (I could actually call it a simple pleasure in my life), but I don't try to run people off the road!

I recently had the pleasure of driving in front of Rammy Rob and didn't drive my car off the road fast enough for him so he shot past me in the right lane just as I was moving right to let him by! He could have KILLED us! Not only was I furious because of his rudeness but mother bear was ready to jump down his throat for endangering my baby! I might have actually prayed that God would get him stopped by a cop. Believe it or not, about 5 minutes later not one but TWO cops showed up but sadly, they were already busy with two other speeders. Probably Rammy's inlaws!

I also shook my fist and yelled but he (or she actually now that I think of it) had tinted windows so I have no idea if my vicious threatening had any impact or not. I like to think it made Rammy cry.

I can understand impatience, I am sometimes impatient too. But not on the road. Not where impatience can lead to death and mayhem.

On this cheery thought...I've run out of steam...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A friend of ours who does fantastic photos had a quick photo shoot with Evanie a few weeks ago. You can sample some of them here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Funny kid...

Untitled from Carolyn Wiebe on Vimeo.

Evie Update

I was talking to the mother of a cute 6 month old girl the other day and I thought, wow, her baby is so big. Then later I was holding Evanie and I realized that actually the two were pretty much exactly the same size. In my head she's still my tiny baby but in reality, she's my 14lb 11oz almost 7 month old little girl!

I really have enjoyed every moment, (except the sick moments when I can't help but worry a little) even most of the night-time moments, and have tried to soak up this time but it's still going by too quickly!

I'll be honest, I want another one. Who would like to be pregnant for me?

Some updates on the munchkin:
  • She takes a bottle. I was shocked, SHOCKED, that she took it first try because she's always hated soothers. What a nice surprise! I bought this nifty little hand pump and suddenly, Justin and I can plan a date!! I'm actually very excited about it!
  • We're having troubles with starting solids. The day she hit 6 months old she tripled her appetite so we've doubled her feedings and tried out solids. I've been grinding and pureeing like Martha Stewart! She loves them but her poor little baby system is struggling.
  • She pees on the toilet! It's not foolproof but it is the cutest thing! And no I'm not potty training her, just getting an early start to hopefully keep it from being such an intimidating transition later on.
  • She hasn't rolled once since she started sitting. Not once.
  • Justin has been practicing "dada" with her for several days and now she says it constantly.
  • She also fake coughs which I think is funny and adorable every single time and Justin says is "terrible, just TERRIBLE!"
  • Thank goodness so far she doesn't seem to have inherited my distaste (some might call it fear) for water. She loves both showers and baths and doesn't mind getting it all over her face. I cringe just watching.

  • For all the extra eating she's doing she's slowed her weight gain a little. I like to think it's all going to the brain.
  • We've quickly realized that she's got the long torso, short leg syndrome. This was a joint effort by both her stubby legged parentals.
  • She likes to cross those stubby legs at the ankles when she sits.
  • She growls.
  • She hisses.
  • Every now and then she makes girlie sounds. But this is rare.
  • She chews on EVERYTHING but her item of choice is strings. Strings on my hoodies, on her booties, on scarves...my shoe laces. If you notice I smell like saliva please tell me.
  • No teeth yet. Just a big gummy smile. And occasionally a big gummy scream...as the following pictures illustrate.

DON'T take my picture, get me OUT of here!

Nobooooddddyyy looooooves me!

Even her grouchy faces make me want to kiss her!