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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Week 19

Finally week 19. I think 18 weeks was officially 2 1/2 weeks long and let me tell you, I was SICK of it by the time it finally ended!

I'm irritated that in all these pictures I just look washed out and tired. I'm not. I feel great. I LOOK like I have cancer but I promise that I don't!

It's the abominable long hair. I hate it. Why don't I cut it?

I dreamed last night that I was taking care of two little boys (Angella I don't know if you pop in here on occasion but they were your sons I was babysitting) and they both went to the bathroom on the floor and I had to clean it up and I couldn't stop washing my hands. I woke up holding my hands in the air, afraid to touch the blankets and woke up Justin to tell him I wasn't ready to have children if they were going to be pooping children.
Is it too late for that decision?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Um...ya'll...we just bought a house.
I guess having a first child wasn't life changing enough for us!

Update February 18: Pictures of said house.

So this is the outside. The first thing to catch your eye will be the salmon/strawberry milk color of the outside. Yes. We don't like it either. We're thinking a brown or a tan....any suggestions?
The second thing you'll notice is that the front "yard" looks a bit more like rocks and shrubs. I'm thinking if the bushes end up nice this summer we could just find a more welcoming ground cover for this plot. Justin wants to rip it up and plant grass and trees but I can't imagine trying to mow around that little square. I suppose we'll just have to fight about it.

Here is the view from the backyard. This deck is mostly solid but may need some repairing in the next year or so. I never actually got to walk back here so I'm quite curious what all is back there. I think behind the lattice work there's storage for garden tools etc. but I'm not sure.

Again, this needs some not gray paint.

This is our back yard. It's fenced which is nice but we do lose quite a bit of the yard to that hill. I'm thinking eventually of some retaining walls and perhaps raised gardening....I dunno. I think the "thing" is a gazebo of some sort with a fire pit. I'm assuming it will stay with us as it looked fairly cemented into the dirt so...how about a July barbecue?

This is the livingroom. Quite a bit of space and very bright. See that dead head on the wall? Yeah I wrassl'd it down and killed it myself. Like it?

Here is where I will learn the art of "how to disguise beans as meat so that Justin will love them." Renovating is years down the road but the kitchen will probably be one of the first things. It's perfectly, wonderfully suitable and I am delighted to make it ours but eventually it may change a bit. It has no real dining-room as this extension off the bar serves as the table so I think we'd like to change it up a bit, perhaps knock down a small wall (you can just barely see it as a tan strip on the far right of the picture) to open it up a bit more to the livingroom. But anyway, look at all the cupboards and drawers! Yay! Everything will fit!

The "non-dining room" area.

This is the master bedroom. None of the (5) bedrooms are large and none have an en-suite but this one has two (TWO!!!) closets so it's the official master bedroom! I am SO excited about the two closets. Not because I mind sharing with Justin at all but the SPACE! Oh the luxurious space! Not to mention then I won't have to feel guilty that I'm taking up 3/4 of the closet!

As I mentioned it has 5 bedrooms which is just excessive but this one they were using as an office and I actually think it IS an office so I don't know why it was called a bedroom. It only has a very narrow closet and leads out to what we're calling the "smoking" balcony (note the first picture) so really, it's an office. However, it will quickly turn into BABY'S room!!!! This is simply because it is the only other room on the same floor as our own and I hardly feel comfortable sticking the baby in the basement alone. Like I'll hear it there!

THIS bedroom.....needs paint. Not loving the bluey-gold. This will actually be Justin's workroom and he cannot wait to get in there and make it just that! I'm excited for him to have a space to work in. It's hard to sand and saw and paint and laquer on the kitchen table and the couch! Here is where I'm sure he'll spend a great deal of his time and he and I are both so thankful for this extra space! There are two other rooms without pictures.

So there you have it....Wiebe-ville.
Oh dear...that is an UNpleasant title.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Allow me to introduce you to....Baby Wiebe!
Something happened when we got to see our baby chillin' out in my womb. Some parental switch was flicked on and suddenly our baby seems so very real. As I'm washing tiny little (second hand...they were a good deal!!) onsies and sleepers I go completely mushy thinking about how very soon there's going to be little tiny arms, legs, and a wrinkly little bum filling up (or swimming in) these outfits! I cannot wait to hold whoever he or she is! I'm even completely thrilled at the thought of cleaning up its precious little poops!

Look at that darling little profile!! It appears not to have limbs but we're hoping for the best!

Aaawwww looooook.....a hand!! It looked like it was sucking its thumb! It was so relaxed, legs crossed, thumb in the mouth...proof that Justin and I made it. Both of us have been "low motility" since conception as our friends and family can (and will) emphatically attest to!

This picture is my favorite. I'm completely smitten by the fact that our baby has toes. Forget a head, forget the torso.....IT HAS TOES!!

Annnnnd....well....this almost convinces me that aliens DO abduct humans for experiments. In fact, the ultrasound tech called it our alien picture! Not to worry though, the large black hole in its head is actually a GOOD thing because it means it has a brain! Phewf.

I'm slowly becoming more aware of kicks inside me. Every time we get tears and celebrate! I hope I'm not one of those parents that dissolves into tears every time our child gurgles or burps but I probably will be.
I think we may have actually settled on a boy's and a girl's name. It may change in the next 5 months but for now we think we're sure. It's so much fun picking names though that we may stumble upon something we like better by the time we actually find out if we're naming a boy or a girl.
That's all the updates on the baby for now. I missed the 18 wk photo op so I'll be skipping straight to 19 weeks for the next belly update. I'm a tiny bit impatient for it to grow but I should bite my tongue because when the day comes that I can no longer tie my shoes I'm probably going to be shaking my fist at naive 19 week Carolyn.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

17 weeks

I originally thought this was an 18 week picture but my due date has been moved to July 14 because baby Wiebe showed up a little small in the sonogram. According to my own calculations, this is a more accurate date so I'm content with it. Although I do feel as if I've been at 18 weeks for a long long time!

This is me trying to suck it in....it's getting harder and harder.

....aaaannnnd pushing it out!! See, there could be twins in there!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Kicker

It kicked!! Our baby kicked! Or more accurately, I FELT the baby kick. It was amazing....and a little creepy. I can't seem to wrap my brain around the fact that there's a real human, a somebody who is not me, sharing my body. And kicking me from inside! Unbelievable! Is it this incredible every pregnancy or is the first an experience like no other?

16 weeks