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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hair Ball

So one of my most embarrassing mom moments yet happened the other day in the grocery store. And it was all because of a misunderstanding that I never got the chance to rectify. Somewhere out there is a sweet grandmother who thinks I'm Momzilla.

Evanie and I were strolling along, minding our own business....actually, I was minding my own business. Evanie was shrieking at everyone she saw. Because of said shrieking, a lovely grandmotherly little woman came over and started talking to Evanie and me. Naturally, within about 30 seconds she was animatedly talking about her own grand-daughter who was the same age and she was so excited to see her again, etc, etc. In response I asked, "So, does she live here?" -and suddenly everything got awkward. The grandma gave me a rather confused look and responded with an almost apologetic, "I uh...well, I guess not as much as her...but a little...."

What? How does that make sense?

Because of her awkwardness and the odd answer to my question I suddenly felt awkward and didn't know how to respond to the misunderstanding so we just basically stammered out some, "er...I have to buy some butter, er, goodbye" and both scuttled opposite directions.

As I trolley-ed my way from one aisle to the next I tried to figure out what went wrong and what she thought I said when I noticed that I was absentmindedly running my fingers through Evanie's hair. I saw her cute little ponytails and was horrified to realize this lady thought I was trying to figure out if her grandbaby had hair! "So, does she have HAIR? Does YOUR grandbaby have as much hair as MY baby? Because MY baby has LOTS of hair. Have you noticed her PONYTAILS? This is really the only reason I HAD a child. I'd be ashamed if I had a baby with any LESS HAIR!"

Ugh! I feel like a jerk but really, I'm a nice person! I wish I could tell her that. I can just envision the conversation she had with her daughter about the snooty jerk she met in the grocery store.

Oh well...at least God knows I'm nice.