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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We're HERE!!

The day that we thought might never come is finally here! We moved entirely out of our old place, loaded up a months worth of luggage into our horrid car, and made our way over the mountains and through the woods to the Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair. What kind of adventures await!?

Adventure #1:
Accommodations are provided by the school; we were told we'll be staying in a hotel suite for a month. How perfect does that sound? I pictured lounging in front of a large screen TV watching mindless shows, fluffy white hotel towels, little soaps and shampoos, a handy little "maid please clean" sign that would produce fresh sheets and towels, a sparkling bathroom with a large mirror, and a cute little kitchen with a compact fridge and stove that would make food prep seem like playing house. I planned on taking baths every morning, having room service and house keeping at my finger tips, reading and cooking up little herbal potions in my spare time, and getting to know the friendly people at the front desk. Nooooot quiiiite....

For starters, there is no front desk. There's a fishery smokehouse. You go inside and holler for "service" from Tita. Service is a key and a "someone will be by in the next day or two to pick up the things left behind by the last resident." The things left behind ended up being three grocery bags of used shampoos, brown sugar, opened pasta, a condom...not a word of a lie. We didn't wait for someone to come by, we took the liberty of chucking it all.

Secondly, everyone has a different definition of "clean" and the standard of clean in this room is dirtier than my house has ever had a chance to get. We're too grossed out to go barefoot in the place so we've been wearing our shoes inside. So the first 2 1/2 hours of moving in consisted of us rolling up our sleeves and scrubbing.

So excited about it!

This is our room service/maid please clean:

Yes, that hairball was there when we got here. Our complimentary hairball!

Our fluffy white towels...hey, I'm just glad they smell clean!

My big bathroom...

And sparkly mirror...

Our compact stove...very very compact! And those are the only cookware in this place!

And not so compact fridge next to the not so widescreen TV.

And our garbage can the size of my thumb.

For dinner we had pancakes and eggs...and wine...and a $15 cheesecake to celebrate Justin's school and my birthday.

It was delicious but I felt a little ill afterwards!
Oh, and just because I'm excited about it, I have to share some pictures of my lovely new purse, given to my by Sally and Grace!

Isn't it cute?! I've quickly fallen in love with it. Is it just me or do you find that as soon as you upgrade your purse, the old one becomes completely despicable!

As a side note, it's quite amusing what ends up being packed in your car when you try to move out of your home and pack for a trip at the same time. For instance, we packed my mother-in-law's jeans..why? I have no idea. A pair of shoes that were supposed to be thrown out made it along and a never opened package of tea towels from our wedding shower 3 years ago. A friend's salad tongs. Hehe, sorry Tianna.

Despite the filthy abode, our enthusiasm is untamed and as I sit and write this, Justin is about 2 hours in to his first day at school! He was up 2 hours early thinking about the perfect name for his guitar and so nervous and excited I nearly had to sit on him to keep him from going to school 35 minutes before class started!