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Saturday, March 22, 2008

OK ok....

...so I know it's taken me much too long to get those promised pictures. There's a couple of reasons. One is that I finally had it "up to here" with our old computer and its deficiencies so I went out to good ol' Walmart and bought us a brand spankin' new laptop. It's not a top of the line but it WORKS and that is more than enough! I love it. How does this relate to the pictures? Well it's been very very hard to make myself even turn ON the old computer, much less work with the pictures on it. But I finally have transferred all the pictures from there to here. So the "soon" I promised is getting closer every day!
Secondly, I've been moping...about the job fiasco and such. My initial relief was followed by some pretty serious discouragement. Being a people pleaser is so over-rated! I knew that I was "in shock" initially if you will, and that the hard part was coming but nevertheless, hard is hard. So I suddenly decided I needed to make a trip to WA to see my weird and wonderful friends. Poor Justin, I literally decided when we went to bed on Sunday that I would go to WA the following morning. He took it well bless his heart!
I've decided that between the emotions and the maintenance and the cramps etc. it would be MUCH easier to be a man...But it would be much HARDER to be married to a woman! So I guess it evens out.
Anyway I drove to WA for the week and had a great time. I love friends! We had a lot of coffees and did a lot of talking and watched a lot of The Office and really important things like that! It was great!
Needless to say, now that I have 3Xs as much time on my hands, I'm as behind in schoolwork as I've ever been yet. Go figure. But I am enjoying the extra time. I'll soak it up while it's here and it is my goal to be very selective in job hunting so that I don't cram in as much "stuff" as I did before. Being overly busy is dumb. For me. That's my new motto. I think it’s going to revolutionize my life!
Anyway, now that I’ve transferred the pictures, I am organizing them and THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY! I promise!
And for fun, I will include some pictures of the past week! Because my blog is so often picture less and that is boring! :)

Grace and I actually had a semi-productive hour or two. We made a garden stone and attempted to hang up a potted plant as you can see here. However the drill was crap-po and we couldn't finish it so it hung at an odd angle all week. That's cool.
I felt it was appropriate to wear bright aqua pants and a previously sat on cowgirl hat in order to mix the cement for the garden stone. That's cool too.
One evening we stopped at Safeway for icecream....oh my goodness! I'd completely forgotten that there are so many choices in the world. There wasn't an icecream SECTION, it's an icecream AISLE! Stuff I'd never heard of! Amazing stuff! I was in icecream heaven!

We went to the park for pictures...and because it was raining we all did the 'short people' walk to keep our pant legs dry.
How precious.
I'm not so sure about this one. Kinda looks like Selena just gave birth to very large twins with hats on!
This was kinda scary. Fitting four girls on a tire swing isn't as easy as you think. Especially when one has to hit the button on the camera and then run and jump onto the swing.
We probably took 15 pictures on the couch and I think this is the only one that doesn't have someone picking their nose or gazing into space or biting someone else. We actually look somewhat normal here. Yes that is Grace's normal face. And her posing face. And her pretty face. It's kinda like Grace's "Blue Steel!"