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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The 275 Day Stomach Ache

Did any of you other pregnant ladies out there deal with frequent, almost constant stomach upsets. From the very beginning there's nearly always been something. Heartburn, regular stomach aches, feeling really full when I'm not, and every version of stomach upset? I really feel it's uncalled for and want it to go away. Any tips?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whale of a Tale

I've joined "power-fit" at the local pool.

For those of you who know me, you might be aware that I have no love for water. I love the beach for the sake of the sun and the sand, but I dislike the water. I'm 26 and have yet to learn to swim although Justin has been patiently teaching me a little each summer.

Basically I'm at the point that if Justin is right beside me with a large flotation device and the water is calm and no one else is watching, I can swim in short stretches but I am under such high stress though that I cannot relax and have myself beyond worn out in about 1 minute. There is so much panting and puffing and spluttering and wide eyed concentration that it's stressful just to watch.

The worst of it is that should a boat be on the water or should the wind kick up a tiny wave; it's the end for me. As in the end of my life. Seriously. As soon as water hits my face I lose all presence of mind, forget entirely everything except "PANIC" and I sink like a stone. More than once Justin has had to grab my head and not only haul me out of the water but actually hold me up and shove the floatie underneath me or I would drown. DROWN people.

That's usually the end of the swimming lesson as I cling to the floatie and cry big salty tears. You think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. I can't keep it together when there's water in my face.

...And now I'm in a water aerobics class. My reasons for joining were: it was reasonably priced, if I pay for it it's motivation to exercise regularly, it's easier on my stretching aching muscles, and regular exercise causes lots of aches and pains for me right now. Besides...if you look like a whale...

As exercise goes, I think it's great for me. I'm tired, I'm sore, mission accomplished. As for fun, not so much. I stubbornly refuse to go to the deep end because it turns out that when you're exercising in the water you sometimes get water in your face and well...we know how that goes. As it is, when I get splashed, even though I'm only to my shoulders in water I have to stop and talk myself through it!

So if any of you feel like doing jumping jacks in the water twice a week with a pregnant lady, call me up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

28 Weeks

I know...I go weeks without an update and then post three times in one morning. You'll just have to deal with it.
These photos were taken 2 days ago so they're about as current as you can get. I actually had no idea I looked so pregnant until I uploaded these photos!

Look, my grumpy face and my happy face look the same ok. I'm really bursting with happiness here!

Can I just say "God bless maternity pants!"

Look how pregnant I am!

We're destined to have the smartest kids ever.

As you can see from the intelligence evidenced in these photos.

Moving Day

Justin and I are in our house! Our very own house. I had intended to document the moving day and post pictures but between my dislike for picture taking and the sheer number of things to do, almost no pictures were taken!
Thanks to fantastic friends our move was reasonably painless and quite fun. Friday was The Big Clean. Nobody was exempt from duty. We left the entire lower 2 1/2 feet of all our walls for Danai to clean.

She wasn't as speedy as we would have liked...

...but the cuteness factor got her off easy.
Actually this was her second job. Her first had been "dusting the kitchen cupboards" but she promptly and thoroughly plucked the entire duster and stored its mangled feathers in a drawer... so we reassigned her.

We had a large pizza dinner in the evening with everyone sitting around on an odd assortment of lawn chairs and bar stools and then we set up "camp" in the livingroom, watched an old classic -The Scarlett Pimpernel- and had a group slumber party.

Everyone at our very finest in the morning.

I feel I should be allowed to explain my ridiculous victory/peace/I'm a dork hand sign. In the previous picture, Tianna had whipped out the same V fingers and I, as a true friend, informed her of just how silly I thought she was! To further drive my point home, I then posed as she did. Only afterwards did we realize that she had made the V fingers a second too late and it was not captured on camera, whereas mine in fact, was. So basically, I'm not a dork, Tianna is.

Back to moving day...

Breakfast was a huge pancake and eggs spread thanks to Justin and Brad's excellent skills.
By lunch time, every scrap we owned was moved from the old house to the new.

A huge, huge thank you to all of you who helped us move! Not only did you cut our work load down to a mere fraction, but you made it a very fun weekend!

Justin and I are pretty settled and unpacked and are loving it! Stop by and visit...we'd love to have you!

24 Weeks

Ok...so I'm dreadfully behind in updating life. I'm currently at 28 weeks and my last pregnancy photo says 23...oops. In my defense, since the last picture we've moved (yay!), I've been down to WA for a visit, Justin has been to Saskatchestan, ball has started, and school has started. So not only have I not been getting around to posting pictures of the baby bump, I haven't been taking the pictures either. Quite a few week-stones (yes I just came up with that) have been missed. This is likely an omen of what is to come with my childrens photos and scrapbooks and baby books...and school lunches and clean underwear and healthy meals.

I truly am one of those people who is not photogenic. If it's a group photo, I can relax enough to sometimes look normal. But these shots of JUST me are a somewhat different story. Is anyone else like that? Plus, as exciting as the baby bump is; I do find it a bit awkward taking pictures of me gaining weight. I know that afterwards I'll appreciate it.

In this particular photo op Justin took about 18 pictures and this is me beginning to voice my disapproval as he gleefully kept snapping more.