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Monday, September 19, 2011


First shower. She loved it!

First time in the bumbo (2 weeks ago)...kept her happy for 20 minutes which was the longest she'd ever been happy outside of someone's arms. We've had longer stretches since but that was a record at the time.

First time falling asleep without being bounced. I actually shed a tear.

First time using scissors. Marlowe's fine motor skills are off the charts!

Ok ok I'm lying....this is Evanie's first. But you knew that. This kept her busy and dead silent for nearly an hour. I don't think she even breathed the entire time!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Flibbertajibbit

Evanie is in quite the testing stage. Her current theory seems to be that everything that comes out of mom's mouth must be tested. She's gone through explosive, tantrum-y stages but this one is quite silent and determined. A perpetual state of "oh yeah? Make me."

Oh I will child. BRING it!

But thankfully the days are also liberally peppered with heart breaking sweetness to keep the insanity at bay. She is a passionate singer and dancer. Nearly every day begins with, "mommy I need a skirt (sounds more like skyit), I wan ta dance mommy!"

And then there is all the love she gives little Marlowe. She is smitten with her little sister and constantly planting huge slobbery kisses all over her head. She bounces her in her bouncy chair, rocks her in her carseat, and praises her constantly for anything from smiling to just moving her arms.

Phrases we hear a lot are:
"Good job baby girl! (sounds more like gee-al)
You did it Marlowe -bear! (Her nickname)
HI squirmy legs!
Marlowe you crazy gee-al!
Ow baby ow. You have scratchy hands!
It's ok. It's ok baby gee-al. You need some milk? Ok!"

First bath together!

All of these come out in screechy pitches only dogs can hear, usually about 2 millimeters from Marlowe's eye ball! I love it. Oddly enough, so does Marlowe. She smiles more consistently for Evanie then anyone else!

Look at the identical mouths in this pictures.

She is also loves to jump/bounce everywhere and is as distract-able as a puppy. I always think of the words from The Sound of Music: "A flibbertajibbit, a will of a whisp, a clown..." She recently watched a hula show and has a current obsession with leis.

Yesterday Evanie was on a time out for some misdemeanor and at the end I went through the customary, "can you tell me why you're on time out." Her answer went something like this, "Don't turn the swing annnnnd.... bonk the......um.....don't....um...it means I love you....cuz I really do...here is my lei...."

I think she really learned that one.

These overalls used to be Justin's!

I was going to update on Marlowe too but she and I have been duking it out for nearly two hours. I put her to sleep, put her down, she wakes up, I put her to sleep....repeat endlessly.

Another day I will update. When she sleeps. This morning that feels like it will actually be another lifetime.
Two days post partum I was laying on my stomach playing a game with Evanie and I thought to myself, "THIS is the BEST thing about no longer being pregnant!" She's onto a serious game kick and has been asking daily for me to play with her but it was SO uncomfortable to be on the floor while pregnant-so it felt like Christmas to get down, lay on my belly, and play a kids game.
Later that day I took a nap and laid flat on my back to sleep and again thought, "THIS is the BEST thing about no longer being pregnant." No more mountain of pillows, just beautiful sleep.
I found this thought going through my head multiple times in the week after Marlowe was born so I decided to compile a list of things I love about not being pregnant anymore.

  • First and foremost is the baby. It is SO amazing to finally, finally hold this baby that you've been thinking of for 9 months. To finally meet, name, and hold your baby is A-MAZ-ING!
  • Laying on your belly. SO nice.
  • Laying on your back!
  • Hugging your husband! You fit again!
  • No more heartburn. One day you have it, the next day you don't.
  • No more midnight trips to the bathroom!
  • Pregnancy mask starts fading.
  • You can sit up, twist at the waist, bend over.....awesome!
  • Breathing normally. No more panting just from getting off the couch.
There are more but these are my personal favorite. Oh and there's a whole separate list of symptoms that are less G rated and more just nasty and no one really wants to hear about.

Except that now you're a little bit curious! Don't be such a sicko.

Later: I forgot a biggie......being skiiiiiinnnnnnyyyy!! It totally doesn't matter that I have an entire person worth of extra skin swinging from my ribs to my knees-I still feel skinny. I'm always a little confused how I can be "SO SKINNY" and still not fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes....weird...