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Monday, January 10, 2011

Down dog

I've been hearing such positive things about yoga lately that I decided I'd ease my way back into being active with some prenatal yoga.

One library stop later and I was armed for the task. This morning I stuck in the dvd and was doing my best to keep my shaky legs rooted and my chest lifted. My mind was relaxed, my breathing slow and steady, and my eyes closed.....when the corner of a dvd case came slamming down onto my skull!! My eyes flew open to meet a guilty pair of baby blues about 2 inches from my face and a relaxed yoga session quickly turned into a contortionist dance as I stormed around trying to ease the throbbing cranium!

So my word of advice is this: no matter how much you love your toddler, even if you'd give your life for theirs in a heartbeat, NEVER do the down dog with your eyes closed if this toddler is awake and on the loose! It is a lose lose situation in every way!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hello? Is this thing on?

Soooo.....um....Happy Thanksgiving? Merry Christmas and a Happy New year? Where do you start when it's been so long?

I ask myself what on earth I've been doing every day that I can't fit the odd update or picture into my schedule and I'm not really sure of the answer. I'm tempted to think I'm a professional time "mismanager" but I'll just brush past that thought as quickly as possible.

Phewf. Close one.

To be honest, I sat on the couch for a large portion of December and am truly very behind in pretty much everything. Christmas Eve came and not only was there no baking or goodies, there were no groceries and no presents. Surprisingly we found a bag of chips which we never have on hand (I think an angel dropped them off) and made some killer nachos for our Christmas Eve dinner. And for our Christmas breakfast we turned our last pieces of stale bread into french toast. I can't pretend it was "killer" as we realized we had about 1 TB of syrup between the three of us and as it turns out, dry bread kinda makes dry french toast....but I have the privilege of being married to the finest man I know and he was so grateful and encouraging that I dare say we enjoyed our dry, syrup-less, french toast!

And despite having not bought a single gift for any of us, even Christmas morning was a pleasure. Evanie had a new baby doll given to her by a friend and between this and having both parents to play with and a pajama dance party, her Christmas was a smash hit!

Now as to WHY I sat on the couch all of Dec. 2010....this is the best of all. I was sick. But not just any sickness, morning sickness!! YAY for a new little baby! And like a good little baby it stopped making me sick on Christmas Eve! So although the material items were a bit lacking on Christmas day, the excitement and delight of feeling healthy and carrying a little bitty baby were all the Christmas spirit needed!

I am currently 11 weeks along, feeling much much better, due on July 24, and on Wednesday we heard a healthy little heartbeat for the first time! We're very excited! I think even Evanie is excited; every time she notices the little bump (code for: my stomach sagging over my waistband!) she pats it and says, "hi baby!" So cute!!

So happy new year to all and here is to a wonderful 2011!

Some decorating fun for you. Sorry about the poor lighting in our living room! Password as always is > evanie <

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