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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

...so little time...

We're leaving tomorrow to join my family in Washington for Thanksgiving so I have no time for writing, only time for pictures.

Since Grandma from the states gets to see Evanie this weekend, these pictures are for Grandma from Canada...Nana...

This was her very first highchair experience. She looks a little puny in here!

...not that she minded...she felt very grown up.

Nice cross-eyed look!

Here she's hanging out with her great grandma.

Blowing bubbles at Papa.

First hair cut.

And now a few of her first apple...

She love love loved this apple!

She shrieked like we were pulling her hair if we tried to take it away!

Do you see that tiny pigtail she's sporting?

Happy American Thanksgiving Nana.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Evanie and Aiden

Evanie's second cousin, Aiden (and his mum) has been spending the weekend here with us. This morning Aiden heard her talking in her crib and went in to greet her. He was excited that she was smiling at him so when I got her up he thought she might be fun to play with. Unfortunately he discovered her imagination wasn't quite up to speed with his and she wasn't quite as fun as he'd hoped! But he DID try to teach her how to spell his name and clap like a "big kid!"

As I'm sure you hoped, I took more than the recommended allotment of pictures of this event.

Initial eager anticipation on Aiden's part. Little does he know...

Sleepy little learner...

Waking up is hard...

This was "how to spell my name," she didn't get it but she thought he was cute...

...and funny...

Since spelling didn't go so well he thought he'd teach her to clap...

He was excited when she grabbed his fingers...

She gave it all she had...

"Auntie Carolyn, she's not opening her hands...like this..." :)

Aiden and Evanie from Carolyn Wiebe on Vimeo.

So now I have to have more kids...because that was pretty cute.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I haven't posted any Evanie news or pictures on here for a few weeks *gasp* so here's a quick photo update.

The month of October from Carolyn Wiebe on Vimeo.

Learning to blow bubbles from Carolyn Wiebe on Vimeo.

She's a very vocal baby; often I'm alerted to her nap being over because I hear her lecturing the stuffed animals in her crib. (Yes, that's right, there are stuffed animals in her crib. Come on, she can't even roll over yet, the most dangerous item in her crib is her own fingers which routinely jab her in the eyes.) When I go in she's usually in there chewing on her blanket and fist. There are few things more fun then hearing her little shriek of delight when she sees my face!!

She's still a very good baby, even though she's no longer sleeping through the night every night. I'm not sure why but now she likes to have a meal around 4 most nights. My motto with her is "Everything is Normal."

She is a pretty good napper although she doesn't like falling asleep without me there. She's getting better at it though. The pacifier is again her enemy and she gags and sputters and howls if we give it to her. I might actually stop trying this time. Things that DO put her to sleep are: sleeping in my bed with me - the vacuum - skyping.

Things she hates: hats, her car seat, me sneezing, having her arms restricted, and apparently her uncle Luke. :) (just kidding, but last night she cried every time she looked at him.)

She smiles almost constantly when you interact with her. She loves music. She has the most amazing hair. So amazing I generally put hats or head bands on her to cover it up in public!:) On one side she's got a natural mullet and on the other side she has a fantastic Jewish sidelock display. And a small section on the crown of her head likes to stand straight up as some of the pictures show! It's exasperating and delightful at the same time!:)

To sum up, I am loving being her mom.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Epidemic of 2009

I have grave news. H1N1 has officially reached The Hundred Acre Woods!

The WHO (World Health Organization) released the report yesterday, October 20. As of yet there has been no fatalities but the outlook is bleak; the official status is a level 3 threat.

Currently Eeyore is the main concern as his constant state of depression makes his immune system much more susceptible to succumbing to this dread flu.

Understandably Piglet is in quarantine until further notice...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More To Love

I know that it's been a solid year since I've posted anything other than baby/Justin related items....but I feel I should just take a moment and talk about Costco.

I love Costco. I do. I really love Costco. There are dozens of reasons why...and they all come in bulk for an incredible price! I don't shop at Costco often because the nearest one is about 45 minutes away but when I get the chance to go; I fall in love all over again.

How much do I love it...let me count the ways...

It's clean. I love that it is always clean. They don't even have germs. And if there is ever a spill or a mess or restocking happening; they tape it off like a crime scene, complete with guards! This is how seriously they take it and I am ever so grateful! None of this repulsive digging through the milk gallons to find the one with the least amount of smelly milk dripping from it. They are clean and dry thank you very much.

I love that the aisle are wide. I know that we live in a fast paced society and most of us need to just chill (blah blah) already but come on! These grocery stores with the 2 foot aisles are an abomination! I've nearly chewed my bottom lip off while being stuck behind Thrifty Jane as she deliberates between the 685 types of tea. "Hmmm...should I go for the sale or Presidents Choice...sale....or Presidents choice.....$.10 difference...should I splurge...lets give it a sniff...hmmm....Presidents Choice........sale......" MOVE OVER AND LET ME PASS GOSHDARNIT WOMAN! I've never said that, I just think it, tears of frustration stinging my eyes!

And I love, it goes without saying, the samples. I'm never going to buy the items so I always feel a measure of guilt as I sample every one but you know what- they offer so I'll never refuse. Besides, it sometimes saves us money because I won't have to buy something to eat since I went racing out the door (fast paced society) and forgot to pack a lunch.

I love that the employees are tidy and oddly, clean. It must be in the Policies and Procedures Manual...must shower within 4 hours of starting work. I'm not kidding, if you've never noticed, pay attention next time. They're always clean. And they have nice hair. Also not kidding. (Oddly enough...so do their customers.)

I love that the cashiers are fast. Seriously, I've never ever ever gotten the cashier who wants to stand and talk about her cats while holding a bag of oats. You know the kind, you can't make eye contact while they're talking because you're staring at their hands, willing them to just "swipe the bar code while you talk....just swipe the bar code...come on hands....move across the scanner...." Nope, not at Costco...those ladies can talk and move in one motion and they get it done in record time! It's amazing.

I love it that their products are almost always the best. I mean you can just count on it. I did buy a huge set of pens, pencils, and markers once that are....well, not amazing exactly. But luckily all 130 only cost about $2 so I'm still ahead of the game.

Which brings me to...the prices. I love the prices. Did you know you can buy 6 boxes of Arm and Hammer baking soda for like, $7? I mean, you're saving about $7 and you'll have some left over to pass on to your grandkids. Why buy one mustard when you can get THREE for less? Same with pickles, and razors, and garbage bags! Their pack of garbage bags lasted us for THREE YEARS!

I even kinda love it that they have those 'guards' deep in discussion at the exit who put the little slash on the receipt. I don't have the slightest clue what on earth they're doing because they don't even look at the receipt or the cart but it makes the experience complete for me. It's like the bow on top of a present.

A huge present. With three of everything shrink wrapped into individual packages. For less.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

D Day

So I've been told that post-pregnancy/delivery, you forget all the discomfort and you're ready to jump in with both feet and do it again. I can't say that this is the case for me. I AM ready to jump in and do it again (not NOW...but sometime) but it's not because I've forgotten a thing; it's just because it's worth it.

I will say however, that time has softened my memory's edges when it comes to the actual labor and in hindsight I can almost see it as beautiful. My friend Grace described it as "the most beautiful and horrible" experience which about sums it up and because the outcome, the grand finale, is this tiny person who is incredibly precious to me; it tips the whole experience toward the "beautiful."

I am incredibly thankful for how Evanie's birth played out! I have no regrets and while it wasn't "fun" exactly, I can look back with a real sense of peace. At the risk of being cliche, the most vivid part of the entire ordeal for me is the moment she was in my arms. It always makes me cry when I revisit it in my mind. I hope it always does. I remember feeling she was much more solid than I was expecting for some reason and her slippery little body seemed molded in the fetal position. I remember her big dark eyes looking up at me and her dark hair plastered in curls against her scalp. I remember she already had that sweet newborn smell. It was almost too overwhelming to take in, (I actually felt on the brink of hysteria in that first minute) that this teeny tiny individual was actually in my arms and had actually come from inside of me and was actually ours forever!

The entire ordeal was quite long, somewhere around the 38 hour mark but active labor, labor that was relentless and effective, was more just the last 12 hours. I'd had lots of Braxton Hicks for several months but the Tuesday before she was born we had company overnight and while we were watching a movie I had several 'different' contractions that scared me because I was absolutely NOT going to go in labor while being hostess. So I told Justin, took a hot shower, begged God not to do this to me, told my uterus in no uncertain terms that it was to calm down, and went to bed.

The next day, Wednesday, our company left around noon and I flew into a frenzy washing all bedding, dusting, scrubbing floors, and making everything baby ready. Then I ran up and down the stairs and sat down and willed the contractions back. ...Nothing... I was tense, I was worried, I was stressed, and I was 8 days overdue. In defeat I went to bed for a nap and cried and prayed and finally gave all my frustrations to God and told Him "Fine, You decide when this baby will come. I've had it, NOTHING induces labor!" -and I dozed off....and woke up 15 minutes later to a contraction. I dozed again...same thing. This went on all evening, they weren't hard, just longer and a bit more serious than any previous contractions, but most importantly, they were regular which I'd never had before. By the end of the evening I began to dare to hope this could finally be it. I called the midwife, I called my sister Diana...I didn't call my friend, Grace. Sorry Grace.

That night I slept about two hours and then rocketed awake with a contraction. The rest of the night I dozed off and on and was awake for the sunrise. The contractions were completely bearable when I was awake but not as much when I'd doze off so I finally gave up sleeping. They spaced out more as morning came which was discouraging so Justin and I went for a beautiful early morning walk!

Thursday continued exactly the same, the contractions kept coming reasonably regularly but never increased their intensity unless I fell asleep and then I couldn't deal with them as well. Diana and Grace showed up and we basically just hung out all day with regular pauses for contractions. The weather was crazy, it started sunny and clear and in the afternoon we were buried in thick smoke from a BC forest fire which then turned into a lightening storm. I spent hours bouncing on the exercise ball watching the turmoil outside. It was kind of surreal.

Ali, the wonderful midwife, came to our house late in the afternoon and we discovered I was all of two measly centimeters dilated. Poo. So I had a membrane sweep (eeyouch) and a yummy castor oil cocktail and tried another short nap.

Scrumtious...castor and verbena oil ...

Almost immediately things got harder and closer together. I called Ali and she decided to come back and spend the night at our place. Night came, everyone went to bed and I basically repeated the previous night except that things were harder and closer and I was more exhausted. I spent a lot of time in the shower and in the tub. Around 4ish I woke everyone up because they were about 3 minutes apart and I was discouraged and didn't want to be alone. They set up the pool and Oh my goodness did that ever feel good!! I wanted to lay down and sleep in it!

The next few hours blur together for me. I remember it was important to me that the sports bra and bathing suit bottom matched. I remember the room was mostly dark and everyone was in there with me. I know that family was called (up until then I didn't want anyone to know I was in labor in case it was "false" labor) and my excellent birthing team slipped off at times to shower and eat breakfast. I know after every contraction a glass with cold lemonade and a straw appeared in front of me. I also know that from Thursday afternoon until her birth, I burped after every single contraction. Yes, what a lady.

I dozed between contractions which made them feel only seconds apart and was aware that things were getting harder and harder. Which strangely, was encouraging to me because I kept thinking, "this is REALLY it, I'm getting somewhere, I'm really having a baby!" At some point Ali checked me again and Praise the Lord, I was fully dilated.

After that things went really fast. I was suddenly aware that I needed to push NOW and it freaked me out. Diana told me to hold my breath while pushing, Justin and Diana held my hands (I was afraid I was going to break Diana's hand because it was so much smaller than Justin's), my water broke, I pushed, and out she came. It was nearly that fast. I remember thinking, "Ah, so THIS is the 'ring of fire'!" and the next push it was over and suddenly I was sitting and holding a tiny baby and there were blankets and towels and everyone was crying. Except Ali who was a blur of motion, expertly checking us over and making sure everyone was ok. I kept asking Justin if we had a boy or a girl until I realized I was the one holding the baby and I was the one who needed to check and then a fresh wave of tears came streaming down when I realized I was holding my little Evanie.

Minutes after....

Daddy's first hold...

Somewhere shortly after a second midwife showed up and things are fuzzy again because I drifted in and out of sleep. I had the best nap as they stitched me up in fact! It was heavenly! After feeding Evanie and sleeping, I was told it was time to get up and pee but my body didn't cooperate and I passed out twice when I tried to get up. I didn't know I passed out, I was just so tired and kept having these awesome sleeps but then I woke up to worried faces hovering over me saying "You're fine, you're ok, you're doing good" and I wanted to console them and started saying "I'm fine, I'm ok, I'm doing great." But then after all the "you're fine, I'm fine, we're all just fine" I messed it up and brought the worry back into Justin's eyes by asking in an overly cheerful voice, "what's the static buzzing sound?" Apparently only my superwoman ears could hear that. Oops. So they brought out the catheter, so fun, and started feeding me regularly and I drank glass after glass of orange juice! It tasted like heaven.

I really don't think I could have done it without Justin, Ali, Grace, and Diana. They were the perfect people to have with me. Justin was my pillar of strength, his presence felt as solid as granite and made me feel that I could really do this. Ali was the genius, the specialist, the safety. Grace has been my friend for 700 years and has the ability to make me laugh in the hardest of situations and helped keep those wonderful, pain killing endorphins flowing. She also took pictures throughout the day, pictures I'm so thankful for. Diana was my acting doula throughout the pregnancy and delivery. She coached me when I needed it and helped me relax. There was so much calm and so much encouragement the entire time I almost feel they carried me through it and I am so grateful for each of these wonderful people!

And now I am the lucky mother of this little girl who smiles easily and sucks her (whole) fist and mimics when we blow bubbles and endures 264 kisses daily. And let me tell you, she's worth every contraction, every castor oil burp, every day over due, and even every (uncomfortable) moment of pregnancy.

And FYI, 9 out of 10 moments of pregnancy are uncomfortable. I remember it well!

Top to bottom: Ali, the midwife at the birth, Sharyn, the midwife who did almost all my prenatal but couldn't be at the birth, me, and the star of it all, Evanie.

Evanie and Sharyn's first meeting.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 Months

I must apologize for abusing modern technology so terribly. We have invented some fantastic things in the past century and it's a shame that just anyone - meaning me - is allowed to handle them. If you're annoyed enough you may pay for me to take Photography for Dummies, Holding Your Video Camera Still, and How to Not Attempt Baby Talk While Filming!

2 month slide show from Carolyn Wiebe on Vimeo.

2months old from Carolyn Wiebe on Vimeo.

I have been asked to write about Evanie's birth and I'll hopefully get to that this week.

Anniversaries and Milestones

September 24th marked 2 months old for Evanie and 4 years married for Justin and I. Big month.

Justin and I met in New Zealand in October, 2003 and spent three months together at Bibleschool every day but rarely had an actual conversation. I was probably in the lowest spot of my life to date having brilliantly adopted an eating disorder in efforts to lose weight. Why on earth he was ever attracted to me as a depressed shell of a person is nothing short of a miracle. To further complicate it, I didn't figure it out until a ridiculously long time later.

A quick summary of our 1 year friendship includes us moving to different continents, me dating someone else for 2 foolish months, and tons and tons of emails that, over the course of the year went from casual friends to...well, something more. Emails which my mom begged me to forward to her and then she proceeded to forward to my dad and all my sisters without my permission. Through this my parents got to know him and both practically claimed Justin as a son in law from the beginning, nearly 2 years before they ever met him.

When Justin finally moved back to the same continent (not country though) he came to visit and, long story short, 8 months and 24 days later, we got married. On July 28, 2005 Justin surprised me by showing up in Montana late at night and setting up a beautiful candlelit sanctuary in the middle of the night in the middle of the woods...sorta. He'd set up over 30 candles on the rock walls of a lookout with a view of the city below us! It was stunning. Then he got down on his knee and pulled out a beautiful diamond ring that he'd designed and worked with a jeweler to make himself! He took my breath away!

During the 8 dating months we put a LOT of miles/kilometers on our vehicles and saw each other in short, passionate (not THAT kind of passionate) visits which were wonderful and awful at the same time. (Awful because of the goodbyes.) It was quick but not necessarily simple and involved 7,940 border crossings, 1 crooked lawyer, 2 "entry denied" from Canada, 1 lie to an immigration officer(worst mistake ever!), 4 separate visa's, and 1,000s of dollars. I've probably told 3 lies in my life and I chose to tell one of them to an immigration officer. It's a federal offense with a 5 year prison sentence; kinda like shooting a cop! Basically, never do it.

These past four years have been full of change and the best of my life to date! Together we've lived in 2 different provinces, 4 different houses, had multiple jobs, made spectacular friends, traveled to Australia, taken many road trips, eaten double our combined weight in icecream, bought a house, and had a beautiful baby! Being married to Justin is better than I'd ever dared to hope marriage could be. I am profoundly blessed as a wife and mother.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


evanie at 6 weeks from Carolyn Wiebe on Vimeo.

...Forgot to post this...3 weeks ago. Sorry grandmas! The password is: evanie.

Monday, September 14, 2009


My smiley little girl in the morning.
Sorry about the mindless commentary and the poorly lit room. I'm sure this will be a cherished video by Evanie when she's older as it seems I caught her "working on something." Ooops.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Milk on Your Face...a Big Disgrace...

I sing the above line to Evanie at least once a day.

A few nights ago I was setting up for Evanie's evening bath and then decided she was just too tired and it was too late and I should skip it. So instead Justin washed her little face and hands and snuggled her into a clean sleeper and blanket and handed her to me for her last feed.

I gently cradled her sleepy little head close to me...and proceeded to have an explosive milk let down that first choked her and secondly sprayed milk all over her face when she pulled off gasping for air!

Like a good mother I responded by laughing hysterically and then calling Justin to come over and take pictures. Justin and I found it so funny to see her clean little face all covered in milk and she seemed to want in on the joke and laid there smiling and making amused little grunting sounds! SOOO close to laughing.

Initially she was a little offended...

...but she quickly took her cue from us and decided it was the funniest thing that had happened all day!

Milk face!

Cute little baby profile. This is the bald side of her head...she literally has twice this amount on the other side!

Totally content in her dad's lap.

She spends a lot of time gazing adoringly at her dad.

...and she finds him very witty...

She's such a pleasant little person to have around. Every day is Christmas in this house!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beary Cute

My title sounds like it should be in a "Taste of Home" magazine where everything is "Egg"tastic and a"bun"dant.

But seriously...seriously...this is cuter than any teddy bear you can buy in the store.

I will narrate her expressions:

"Where am I? What am I wearing? Are you sure I look cute in this?"

"Aww gee thanks...I guess it is kinda cute if I do say so myself!"

"Oop...and now I have to poo." (I didn't MEAN to catch he poo face, it was an accident!)

"Did you seriously just take a picture of that?" (It actually looks like she's saying "I'm going to punch you in the face!" Which is something she would have picked up from her aunt Grace. Good going, Grace.)

"Get it OUT of my FAAAACE!"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1 Month Old

  • Evanie hit the one month mark yesterday.
  • Today at her weigh in she'd reached 9 lbs! Little porky! That's 1 whole pound since last week!
  • She graduated from her newborn diapers to size 1 in a day. One day they fit, the next day they didn't!
  • She's just started a tiny bit of cooing! So sweet!
  • She smiles a lot- more at women than at men but she's started smiling at Justin too!
  • She and her dad have a great time together. He does most of her baths and she looks at him adoringly during all of it! It's pretty precious to watch.
  • She has a temper. When she wants to be picked up and NOW she doesn't cry. She screams. There's a night and day difference. It's almost funny and a little bit scary.
  • She doesn't like her feet or arms swaddled so we swaddle her tummy. Sometimes if she's already asleep or super close to it we can swaddle her arms but often that wakes her and she demands to be freed.
  • She sleeps through the night 2-4 times a week and if she wakes up, it's only once. I can't express my gratitude enough! She's actually a really good sleeper and frequently (but certainly not always) falls asleep on her own in her crib.
  • She's not a "cuddler" so far. Sad for me. When she's sleepy her favorite position to be held in on her back lying straight out in front of us with her feet in our belly. It's practically a magic position.
I could go on and on because I find every little detail about her totally fascinating. Fancy that! But I will stop with that and leave you with a picture or two:

...or five...

This is what happens to her swaddles.

Napping with dad...only Evanie woke up at the sound of the camera turning on.

Bright little morning face! Little fuzz head.

Little gangster toque!

She didn't find it quite as cute as we did.

More to come...