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Friday, June 26, 2009

37 Weeks

This is a mark I've been waiting for. The all important "your baby can no longer be born prematurely" week! I'm not a worrying person and have been very at peace throughout this pregnancy but I have to say, reaching this point still makes me want to leap for joy.

Who am I kidding...as if I could leap...

If you're wondering what I'm thinking about....I'm wondering if Edward will ever give in and let Bella become a vampire. For real....that's what I've been thinking about for the past three days! I should just break my own rules and read the next book....

Right before my 37 week prenatal.

I've been thinking about how comfortable I am with having an open blog once the baby comes... It's not like I consider it dangerous or irresponsible but I feel some "mama bearishness" in me and I think I'm more comfortable knowing who all can peek into our lives when there's someone so tiny to consider.

So, on that note, this will soon become one of those slightly annoying "friends only" blogs. Please feel free to add yourself and I'm sorry if you'll have to sign in each time; if you're like me it's a Big Inconvenience but...?

I am unashamedly overly protective already. Which means my kids will probably start sneaking out at night earlier then the ones with the relaxed parents! How pleasant.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

35 Weeks

Updating is such a simple thing but I cannot seem to stay on top of it. It's not that I hate blogging, it's just that it's never ever on the top of my list and it's the first thing I skip when something needs to be skipped. I'm determined to get a little better at it because when the Awesomest Baby Wiebe shows up, its little life needs to be documented regularly for the pack of aunties, uncles, cousins, and grandparents out there!

By the way, if you're reading this and you have a child; then your child is clearly the "awesomest" as well, I have full intentions of being biased toward my own children and support you doing the same for yours!:)

So here's a couple of shots from week 35 even though that's 2 weeks ago. 2 Weeks, I'm finding out, is practically a year in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

I think it's funny that I look bigger or smaller depending on which side of me the camera is.

These pictures were taken at a B&B. We had a gift certificate so we decided to cash in while we were still ahead of the diaper and throw up stage. Funny though, we forgot to think about dinner and were too unmotivated to leave and buy something so we nearly starved. By the time morning came around I was ready to start chewing on the bedposts for some nourishment!

I'm not sure why the smug look but check out my bellybutton. I thought all pregnant bellybuttons became "outies" but mine has pretty much gone flat! Much more so than in this picture even. It's extremely sensitive and would you believe my luck, I got a misquito bite directly on my poor little (actually it's not little at all anymore) bellybutton. I really feel that this was unnecessary!

And can I just say for the record that I think tiny, tiny newborn items are heartbreakingly precious!? I can't stop taking them out of the drawers and just holding them. My mind can't quite wrap itself around the thought of a tiny, tiny newborn child fitting inside them. My mind can't, but my heart can.