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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Squeak Squeaker, Squeak Squeakin'

Two weeks ago Justin and I planned to go on our biannual date night and had to cancel because I had a raging fever. Sucky.

Then he got it.

Then Evanie got it.

So we rescheduled our date for this weekend because, "if we're only going twice a year, we're going to be HEALTHY and we're going to LOVE IT! And who stays sick longer than two weeks? Nobody. We'll be totally healthy by then!"

Before we had fully recovered we got some swollen, sore throat thingy which went away pretty quickly for me and lingered for him. So out of sympathy for him, I got a sinus infection.

Now those demons usually last a minimum of 3 weeks for me so I went out and begged a pharmacist for a homeopathic remedy that was effective and safe for pregnancy.

He gave me this and I AM A BELIEVER!

My sinus infection whimpered and died in 24 hours.

So I got up this Friday morning delighted....with a littttttttle tiny sore throat.

Friday evening it was full on laryngitis.

Out of stubbornness and desperation, we kept our Saturday date plans even though I literally had zero voice. Not even a squeak. After Evanie was already with the babysitters and we were driving to dinner Justin asked if we were being silly and should we just cancel again.

I gave him a thumbs down, then a thumbs up, then a thumbs sideways.

Loosely translated this means,"NO we shouldn't cancel!! It'll be great! Orrr...sort of great....hopefully...."

So we went and the food was a DELIGHT and our server was AWESOME annnnnnd we pretty much didn't talk at all. We did communicate, Justin is highly skilled at my caveman sign-language attempts and reads lips well. Although it was the quietest date we've ever been on, I'm SO glad we went.

Makes me realize how much more I talk than Justin....and how much of it isn't important.

At one point in the evening, someone we couldn't see shrieked out the loudest, squawkiest female laugh I'd ever heard and Justin and I, because we're horribly immature, nearly died laughing.

Which is really quite pathetic because we really almost DIED laughing. First of all, I had a completely silent laugh and Justin was all high pitched and hoarse due to coughing for the past two weeks, and then we both lapsed into major coughing fits and had to dive for our water to help us swallow all the phlegm we hacked up! Can't really spit that in your napkin at a restaurant.

My only consolation is that dozens of people we know are dealing with the same back to back sicknesses this spring. Otherwise I would be tearing out my hair....because, you know, that's a good solution....