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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Adorable Giveaways

Thought I'd share some super cute giveaways that are happening over at this website.

Pink Romper

Aqua Romper

Lace Leggings

Pink Bloomers

Cutest headbands in the world

50$ shopping spree

If I don't win, someone I know should.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I just love these two.

She's gained a few tricks in the past week. One of them is opening her mouth as wide as she can on cue. It's weird but of course we think it's adorable.

Smudgy Bear. It's her new nickname.

Remember back when I said Marlowe has lots of patience for Evanie? Not anymore.

Practicing sitting together. Evanie is Marlowe's biggest encourager.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Priorities Shmiorities

Yesterday Marlowe and I were out running errands and I bought myself an organic raspberry lemonade to drink. Yummy!

It is very rare for me to buy a drink as a treat (If I buy a treat, it is chocolate.) (I also bought myself chocolate.) but I felt I was particularly worthy yesterday for no real reason and so, drink in hand, I proceeded to back out of my parking space. I shoulder checked first one way and then the other and realized there was a giant brute of a truck torpedoing my way.

Now I was never even close to an accident; I'd only backed about 2.5 inches before shoulder checking but the thought went through my head that I was very glad I checked both ways or I would have become a smudge on some over-sized tire.

My next thought was: "Gee, I'm so glad I didn't get slammed by that truck because I would totally have spilled my drink all over the car. I can't imagine how much work it would have taken to clean it all up! Pheewf!"

Uuuuummm.....right. Lucky break there. Good thing we avoided a sticky spill.

And also an inconvenient decapitation.

Or potential death.


Seriously, what is wrong with me? I thought of a sticky dashboard before the life of my precious child?

I blame Obama.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet Dreams

This is what's been goin' down in this house. You think a sleeping infant is the most natural thing in the world until you have one who resists it like the plague. And then you find out that there is such a thing as a trained Sleep Expert and you think two things:
1-there must be loooooooots of babies that hate sleeping and
2-this Sleep Expert might be an actual angel.

When I heard about our local sleep consultant I initially just called her to ask what her professional opinion was on how much crying is ok. But instead of having an adult conversation about my child, I burst into tears on the phone and couldn't have any conversation at all.

So she told me her story. About her baby who wouldn't sleep. About how hard it was on her as a mother and a person. About how hard it was on their marriage. And about how she worked with a sleep expert herself with her baby. And about how beautifully it all turned out. And finally, what she could do for Marlowe.

So I told Justin and he said she sounded like Jesus and we hired her.

We are currently on day 2 of sleep training with a Sleep Expert and Justin is very tired (he's taken the night shift) and Marlowe slept for 2 hours this morning in her bed for the first time in weeks and I have lots and lots of hope.
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Creepy? Or Cute?

Just in case anyone was wondering, RB is still very much a part of this family.
He sleeps with Evanie every night and enjoys some quality time with the family on a regular basis. He has learned to grab his own toys but is still working on sitting on his own. He and Marlowe practice their gross motor skills together.

He may be a little behind developmentally given that he is old enough to wear a suit yet can't sit on his own....but it's too soon to tell for sure. He is regularly breastfed so his immune system is off the charts, never a sneeze or a sniffle.
Truly a face only a mother could love.

Just in case you were wondering...