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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sweet Dreams

This is what's been goin' down in this house. You think a sleeping infant is the most natural thing in the world until you have one who resists it like the plague. And then you find out that there is such a thing as a trained Sleep Expert and you think two things:
1-there must be loooooooots of babies that hate sleeping and
2-this Sleep Expert might be an actual angel.

When I heard about our local sleep consultant I initially just called her to ask what her professional opinion was on how much crying is ok. But instead of having an adult conversation about my child, I burst into tears on the phone and couldn't have any conversation at all.

So she told me her story. About her baby who wouldn't sleep. About how hard it was on her as a mother and a person. About how hard it was on their marriage. And about how she worked with a sleep expert herself with her baby. And about how beautifully it all turned out. And finally, what she could do for Marlowe.

So I told Justin and he said she sounded like Jesus and we hired her.

We are currently on day 2 of sleep training with a Sleep Expert and Justin is very tired (he's taken the night shift) and Marlowe slept for 2 hours this morning in her bed for the first time in weeks and I have lots and lots of hope.
Stay tuned...


Erin said...

oh girl, i had no idea it was so hard. will be praying for more sleep success!

Rayia said...

That is so wonderful! I hope it works out!

Martha A. said...

Glad you are getting help! I actually trained my babies the opposite way because my milk production suffered if they slept all night, but Paul was a nightmare when it came to sleep. He is still no picnic....but you know, when they are 13...it is different stuff they are doing...not crying anymore at least!