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Monday, October 13, 2008

We are Telus, Who Don't Do Anything...

...We just sta-ay home and lie around. And if you a-sk us to do anything. We'll just te-ell you.....We don't do ANYTHING!

That's a song by the way.

For those of you who have tried to reach us via telephone and heard a mechanical voice claiming our number has been disconnected...I am sorry. I am sorry we have such a lame phone service.

Here's what's going on:
Before we moved in August I set it up to have our phone forwarded to an automatic voicemail for the month of September saying, "so sorry, we cannot come to the phone right now because we're on Vancouver Island, please call back in October."
September 1-disconnect at old address, forward to voicemail.
October 1-discontinue voicemail, connect at new location.
Sounds ridiculously simple for a phone company; especially since they gave me those options, advised me on what would be easiest, and repeated all the details back perfectly on the phone.

It's been more like this:
September 1-Drink coffee
September 5-completely disconnect phone, charge enormous contract violation fees.
September 5-12- sit on arses. Drink coffee. Ignore angry customer's pleas.
September 13-realize mistake, hook up voice mail. Charge misc. fees.
September 22-confirm new location and connection days. Customer is mildly impressed.
September 28- disconnect voice mail and internet contract. Charge more fees.
October 1-miss connection day. Drink coffee. Frustrated customer can't call because she has no phone.
October 2-7-make promises. Break promises. Ignore increasingly irate customer's pleas.
October 8-fail to show up at customer's house as scheduled. Blame Canada Post. (for real)
October 9- reschedule connection for October 16. Do not advise customer. Make excuses.
October 10- Get dumped by furious customer. Drink coffee.

This is where we're currently at. I've switched to Shaw and if they pull through will have internet on Tuesday and a phone and probably a new number next Friday.
Until then...carrier pigeons.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Old Married Folks

We just (...ok three weeks "just") passed our 3 year anniversary! Three years!! I know that's peanuts to many of you but it seems like a big number to us! It still feels so new and great! Isn't it supposed to be that by three years the polish wears off of your shiny new marriage? Maybe we're doing it wrong but I think I prefer it this way!

For my entire life pre-marriage, I was one of its worst critics and wanted nothing to do with it. My parents were sure I was hopeless and destined to be the "bun on the head, horn rimmed glasses, spinster librarian" of the family.

And then I met Justin, fell crazy in love, cut off the bun on my head (that part is actually true), and joined the "other side!" We found out later that before we'd ever gone on a first date, both of us felt absolutely certain that we were meant to marry each other!

We dated for almost 7 months, were engaged for less than 2, and have now been married for 3! Having three years of marriage beneath my belt, I've discovered it to be far different than I'd construed. For instance, I thought that 'marriage' meant 'dull.' No more romance, no more adventure, no more fun. Because I was so certain this was fact, I vowed that I would do whatever it took to keep it as exciting and romantic as the very first week. "Watch me!"

I'm happy to admit, I was officially wrong on both accounts. It is not dull and it cannot stay as new as the first week because while "new" is good, "deep" is so much better. The past three years have been filled with more fun and adventure then the previous 23. (dude, I'm old.) And since we've been married I've laughed...a lot. Way more than when we were dating! I actually didn't know he was so funny and fun until after I married him!

For our anniversary we decided it would be wisest to skip going out for dinner, make something scrumptious at home together, and then go out for coffee or icecream and explore some of the beach areas in Qualicum. Part 1 of our plan worked well and we surprised even ourselves at the meal we were able to whip up with only two burners and two pieces of cookware.

Yeeaah....so it looked more impressive in real life. And tasted de-lish!

Part 2 didn't even work out even a little bit because the skies opened up and drenched the island all day and all night.

So we played scrabble. I wonder what word he has in mind here!

And ate icecream! Mmmm...icecream. If I was marooned on a forgotten island and could take only one thing with me; I would take icecream. I mean, Justin.

...actually who am I kidding, I'd take icecream! :)